How do you choose what colour palette to send?

Wondering if you should choose to send flowers that are vibrant and colourful, or should you choose soft pastel? How do you decide what colour palette to select, especially if you aren't sure what the person you are sending to prefers? Here are some guidelines to help:

You can simply choose to send the colour palette you personally prefer- the flowers can be a reflection of the person who is sending them.


If you know the person well enough, think about the items they usually surround themselves with in their home or office- do they seem to keep things more calm and muted (perhaps soft pastels) or do they have a more colourful vibe (then go with vivid colour).


Choose vivid colour (my personal favourite, every time!), because everyone feels uplifted by happy colours and flowers are so beautiful and magic that whether they are in a neutral room or a richly decorated one, the blooms you send will beam out the sunshine and sunshine goes with every decor style!