Got questions? We've got answers!

Flowers-longevity and care

How long do fresh cut flowers last?

Fresh cut flowers vase lifespan varies with different flower types. There are some special blooms that may only last a day or two, there are other types that will last well over a week, sometimes even two weeks. We  make your pieces with a variety of blooms that should look lovely for 4+ days approx. Keep in mind that flowers naturally change over time as they open and bloom. We generally ship out blooms at the beginning stages of vase life, so they will look different over the week as they open. We recommend gently pulling out or snipping off blooms as they fade to keep your arrangement looking its best through the week.

How do I best care for my fresh flowers?

Arrangements in containers: If your flowers arrive pre-arranged in a container, top it up with water upon arrival then check daily to ensure the level stays topped up. Flowers are very thirsty! It's important not to let the water level drop low as the vase life will suffer. Place the arrangement somewhere you can enjoy them but that isn't in direct sunlight (this will cause the blooms to open and mature faster) and a cool area is best (again because warmth causes the blooms to mature faster). As blooms finish, pull or snip them out so you can keep enjoying the arrangement.

Bouquets:We ship our bouquets in water pouches to keep the stem ends hydrated, but it's important to get the flowers into a vase filled with water as soon as you can. Prepare your vase first then take the pouch off the stem ends and place flowers immediately into the water. If you want to shorten the length of the stems, cut with a sharp pair of garden shears or a sharp straight edge paring knife. Try not to use scissors, as they actually seal off the stem ends which will affect longevity.  Re-cutting stems and changing the water after about three days will also help the flowers last longer. Keep the vase filled with water by checking the level every day.

Ordering-choosing, delivery etc

What's the difference between handtieds and flower arrangements?

Handtieds are bouquets of flowers with greenery that are arranged and tied but do not have a vase. The recipient will need to use their own vase for displaying the bouquet.

Flower arrangements are flowers and greenery that we have arranged in a container such as a vase or bowl, so the recipient doesn't need to find a container, just unwrap and enjoy.

It says that the exact flowers will be different- why won't it be exactly as shown?

The flowers we bring in change every week, as we move through the seasons and availability changes. We can't update our images weekly (we're too busy making pretty flower arrangements for our customers!) so these images are to show you the size, style and pricing of our work. We endeavour to create something that is in the same vein as the pieces shown, but recommend that you choose to use us because you like our whimsical style of design and put your trust in our floral skill. We'll use the prettiest blooms we have for the week to fill your order, and this way we can include super seasonal flowers when they are available to us, such as peonies, dahlias and ranunnculus for example, even though they don't appear in our photos. If you want to discuss a little more what will be in your order, we recommend you call us before placing it, but remember, the most beautiful arrangements happen when you let our talented team of designers do what they are trained to do without constraint.

I'm trying to order but can't select the date I need-what's happening?

The system won't let you select a date that we either are not open for, or are at capacity with orders for. We are closed on Sundays, unless a special floral holiday falls on those days. Floral holidays such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day we get a high volume of orders so once we hit the maximum amount we can make we can't accept any further orders for that date. The system will also not accept orders further than 365 days into the future, this is to help us ensure availability of our more seasonal items.

When will my order be delivered?

In general our deliveries take place in the afternoons of the date selected, usually between 2-6pm. At times with higher volumes, sometimes deliveries can run a little later. On floral holidays, such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day our deliveries will start in the morning and run through the day. Most orders are delivered by our shop driver, but for addresses outside our local area or at times with higher volume, we do use additional flower delivery partners. If the address indicates it is a business we will aim to deliver before 5pm.

What happens if the recipient isn't at home?

If you are worried the recipient might not be available to accept the flowers, please provide a contact phone number and make a note in the delivery instructions for us to call ahead before sending.

For deliveries to houses: If weather permits (above freezing but also not the crazy heat of summer) and we will leave the flowers at the door and also leave a voicemail to let the recipient know. Because of Pandemic safety protocols we are not able to ask neighbours to receive the flowers. If weather doesn't permit, we will not leave the flowers as they will be damaged. In this case, we will leave a message for the recipient asking them to call us to organize a convenient redeliver time for the following day. Due to delivery route logistics and volume we generally cannot return same day.

For delivery to apartments and condos: if the concierge will accept delivery we leave with them, or get permission to enter the building and leave at the door. Note that not all concierges will accept flowers. If left with the concierge, we assume that they will notify the recipient. If no access is possible (such as in buildings with no concierge etc) we will leave a voicemail with the recipient asking them to call us to arrange a time the following day. Due to delivery route logistics and volume we generally cannot return same day.

Due to the perishable nature of flowers, we can only attempt to redeliver ONE TIME. If we are unable to contact the recipient, we will contact you to let you know the order was undeliverable. As the flowers have already been sent out, we cannot refund for undelivered orders of this nature.

It is important to give us a contact phone number for the recipient (not just your phone number) so we can reach them quickly to get the flowers to them directly!

These flowers are for a special occasion, I don't want them to be received at the end of the day, can you deliver them in the morning?

Generally, we can't deliver in the mornings. This is because we are at the shop making the days orders, then deliver them in the afternoon. We would recommend that you consider sending the flowers the day before, or you should call the shop to discuss- we may be able to organize morning delivery with a courier for an additional delivery charge above the regular charge (generally, a morning delivery can cost approx $30-40 depending on distance and timing)

Shopping in the store

Can I just come to the shop and order?

Yes, but you might want to double check we are at the studio before coming by.  We are generally available in person Mondays to Fridays between 10 and to 2 pm.  Sometimes we have to run special delivery for events which might mean we have to close during those hours, you can call us if you want to be sure we are on site.

Do you have pre-made items I can choose from in store?

We don't carry pre-made arrangements. Everything we do is made to order. We recommend you place your order ahead, either online, by phone or in-person, but if need be we can make you a bouquet or arrangement on the spot.

It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to make an arrangement, depending on what you order, so make sure you give yourself enough time to wait while we prepare it for you, and if we are busy with other orders you may need to give us a little more time. Ordering ahead is always best.

Can I order Prom Corsages and boutonnieres?

Sorry, we don't make corsages or boutonnieres for prom or individual orders.


Weddings & events

I'm getting married/eloping/having a party- do you do event flowers?

We are not taking wedding orders currently, but we do make table arrangements for various events such as dinner parties and corporate meetings etc. We cater to events of up to 20 tables.

Issues with my order

I received flowers/ sent flowers from you and some of the blooms don't look so great, what can I do?

Give us a call! Flowers are fresh perishable product, and while we do our very best to make sure they arrive in tip top shape, sometimes there can be issues beyond our control. If you have any issues at all, we are more than happy to help resolve them. We have a happiness guarantee, if you have any issues with your flowers in the 48 hours after delivery we will replace them with no questions asked.  In general, fresh cut flowers will last 4 days or more.