How I keep your flower orders hydrated for delivery.


It's HOT in Toronto in the summer! But don't worry, I always send out my flower deliveries packed carefully so they will stay hydrated on their journey. Bouquets are delivered standing in a special water pouch that is then removed for the stems to be placed into a vase, and of course our vase arrangements are delivered with water in the container already.

This period of time, when the flowers are out with our delivery partners, is critical for the longevity of the blooms. If the stems are out of water for even a short length of time they will dry out and that can reduce the vase life by several days, so I don't ship my flowers "dry". Even the standard plastic tubes that many florists use aren't enough hydration to keep flowers happy long enough to get where they are going, and so I created my special standing water pouch system for my bouquet orders. After ensuring the flowers are in water, every arrangement gets gift wrapped so that it will arrive looking it's best.

Once the flowers arrive, there is one of our special care tags set inside that reminds the recipient to keep the blooms well watered for best results.

When you are sending beautiful flowers to someone special it's not just about how fabulous they look on arrival, it's how they look in the days following as well. It's small details like smart packaging that make all the difference.

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