Seasonal sweet treats this month: Ranunculus

Ranunculus flowers in arrangements for delivery in toronto

Ranunculus are amazing. One of the most requested blooms, these frilly, fluffy flowers seem to float in bouquets like delicate butterflies. Part of the buttercup family, they grow and bloom outdoors in our part of the world in later spring as a field crop, generally finishing as the weather gets hot in May/June but we are lucky enough to have a local supplier that grows them covered in a greenhouse year round. For me, the most amazing thing about these flowers is how big and full they open out to, starting from such a teeny tiny little flower bud- how is that even possible that all those frothy petals are packed into a tiny bud the size of a chickpea?

(If you are interested in growing ranunculus, check out the blog post by Floret Flower Farm, they have put together a wonderful guide here.)

Ranunculus are a delight to work with, if a little distracting sometimes with their perfect flowers and delicious colours (They truly do stop us in our tracks when we're using them, as sometimes you really do need to just gaze into them and admire how perfect they are!). Here are some arrangements we've used ranunculus in, see if you can pick out the ranunculus flowers in the mix!