That time I created a flower wall for a book!

I met the lovely Doris Wai through an editorial shoot years ago. Doris is an amazing letterer (is that a thing? Letterist?) She hand letters just about anything you can think of, and does a lot of custom lettering for events such as weddings. She is also an author, with a wonderful book out called "Extraordinary Hand Lettering- creative lettering ideas for celebrations, events, decor & more". When Doris asked if I would be involved with the book, it was an obvious YES!
After some back and forth to explore the concept she wanted brought to life, we met at the Toronto Albany Club one morning, along with her photographer Janet Kwan. They were hauling a large 8 foot piece of plywood they'd painted black ready for me to use as a backdrop wall, and I got to work.
The inspiration was moody, rich, fairytale glamour. I created a lush bed of foliage then wove in the flowers, all set around mirrors Doris had hand lettered with names for a wedding seating chart. It was so much fun spending the day crafting this elaborate shoot, and even more fun to see the results featured in her book!
All images above by kind permission of Janet Kwan Photography