What will my arrangement look like? Real life examples of the popular Harper Centerpiece

Worried that the flowers that arrive won't look anything like the flowers you ordered? I totally get it, I've been there- I've sent flowers to family out of town through florists I'm not familiar with, and when I saw what was received I've sometimes been quite shocked. Sometimes it doesn't even remotely look like the image I was shown as an example. And I've felt disappointed.

The images of my products here on the website are supposed to give you an idea of the style, the size and the general look of the piece I would make for your order. It can't be exact because flowers are so incredibly seasonal and what's available every week, or even every day is based on what I find to be the best quality and most interesting. So that means that you will need to trust in my creativity, my defined sense of style of work when you place an order with me. But, as I am not only the person making your orders but also the person that made the pieces used here as examples (that's very often NOT the case with other florist's stock website images), the flowers will always be made in my specific style. The individual blooms will vary based on what I'm most excited about this week, the exact colours will vary for the same reason. But they will always be beautiful!

With all that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to show you some actual real life designs that I've made over the past few months, to help you see what sort of work I create for my customers orders.

First up- one of my most popular products, the always appreciated Harper Centerpiece.

Here are the website example images for my Harper Centerpiece in Colourful:


and here are some recent Harper Centerpieces that went out for delivery:



Harper also comes in pastel tones, here are the website example images:


and here are some recent Harper Centerpieces in pastel made for customer orders:

 So you can see, every piece we make will have it's own unique mix of colours and flowers that work within the whimsical uplifting style that I'm known for!