Why flowers are the most romantic of Valentine's Day gifts

Despite the grumblings on social media every year as Valentine's Day comes around, it really isn't a modern holiday made up by Hallmark to push retail sales. In fact, it has it's roots in pagan times, when there was a mid February festival marking the coming of Spring. Stories of a Roman Christian Bishop named Valentine became popular in the middle ages. Valentine was executed for secretly performing marriage ceremonies for soldiers against the orders of Emperor Claudius II.  The giving of flowers for Valentine's day can be dated back to 17th century Europe, when King Charles II of Sweden began the tradition.

Luxury flowers in a massed pink and red arrangement ready for delivery for Valentine's Day in Toronto

In modern times red roses have become synonymous with the expression of love, but I'd argue that all flowers are basically a shorthand to the human love language. What better way to show someone how deep your love is than to send them a mass of gorgeous blooms for no other reason than to let them drink in their beauty?

Cut flowers are absolutely a luxury, especially in Toronto in February when there are no flowers blooming out in nature. They are the ultimate embodiment of hope for brighter days and to be lucky enough to gaze at their beauty in your home and breathe in their subtle perfume is the most precious of gifts.

A luxury flowers bouquet in shades of pink ready to be delivered in Toronto for Valentine's Day

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