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How to find a florist in a different city

Sending flowers to someone involves a bit of a leap of faith- you need to trust that the florist you order with is going to come through with something as gorgeous as you are imagining. But how do you find a florist in another city that will send something you and the recipient will love? Here's the advice I give my clients when they want to send flowers out of town.

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Designing with flowers for events vs everyday gifts

If you are ordering flowers for a special event, be it a wedding, engagement or birthday party, I'm going to treat the flowers differently than if you are sending something to someone as a gift. The difference? The flowers I send out for gifts are sent to look great on first arrival, but to then open and develop over a period of days. Flowers that I arrange to be on the table for a special event, on the other hand, need to be in that opened and developed state on the day of arrival. Which means I use my years of experience with handling flowers to coax the blooms open at just the right time so they are full and...

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