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How do you choose what colour palette to send?

Wondering if you should choose to send flowers that are vibrant and colourful, or should you choose soft pastel? How do you decide what colour palette to select, especially if you aren't sure what the person you are sending to prefers? Here are some guidelines to help:

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A soft and sweet small summer wedding

A soft and sweet pastel wedding from August. The lovely Melanie ordered via my website, choosing a bouquet, boutonniere plus some mason jar centerpieces all in sweet soft pastel. To add a little more customization Melanie shot me an email with an image of the wonderful turquoise colour of her dress which helped me know I could give a little more depth to the pastel tones in the flowers (isn't the dress gorgeous? With many thanks to her photographer, Storey Wilkins for sharing the image above). Melanie also dropped off some vases that she purchased from Ikea (after checking in with me re. the size) so we made her centerpieces in those instead of a standard mason jar which gave...

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